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Sports News of Thursday, 26 November 2020


Diego Maradona is the greatest footballer in history – Dan Kwaku Yeboah

Dan Kwaku Yeboah, head of Sports of Despite Media Dan Kwaku Yeboah, head of Sports of Despite Media

Dan Kwaku Yeboah, the head of Sports of Despite Media has described Diego Armando Maradona as an ‘epitome of football intelligence’.

Dan Kwaku Yeboah says that Maradona possessed every quality expected of a footballer and his football brain was equal to none.

“Maradona was an epitome of football intelligence, skill, position and every quality you can think of as a footballer”, he told GhanaWeb.

When it comes to the Greatest of All-Time argument, the names of four players come up for mention.

The controversial topic usually divides football fans along the lines of Messi, Pele, Ronaldo and Maradona.

Kwaku Yeboah, though a great fan of Messi believes that in the history of the game, no one has been more graceful than Maradona.

He drew likeness between Pele and Cristiano Ronaldo and compared Messi to his fellow Argentine Maradona.

“I think in the early 2000s FIFA held a poll for football lovers and connoisseurs of the game to choose between Messi and Ronaldo which one is the best. Maradona won the polls. Maradona for me is the greatest player in football history”.

“Maradona combines both skills and goal-scoring. World Pele is cast in the mould of modern-day Ronaldo. He was a great goal-scorer but when it comes to skill and precision, you can’t compare Maradona to anyone”.
He also recounted the two experiences of Maradona that made him recognize him as the most outstanding footballer in history.

“My greatest memory was in 1990 during the Germany World Cup when Argentina played Cameroon. Ahead of kick-off, he picked the ball and did his own thing with it and he was a delight to watch”.

“Also in 1994 when they played Nigeria at the World Cup, Nigeria had equalized and the game was heading to a draw. Argentina had a free-kick and on the blind side of everyone, he laid it to Caniggia for the winning goal. It was amazing and very intelligent of him”.