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Sports Features of Friday, 22 May 2020

Source: Isaac Opeele Boateng, Contributor

Coach Opeele's open letter to Nana Yaw Amponsah: The GFA assets are not sausage roll

Isaac Opeele Boateng Isaac Opeele Boateng

Nana Yaw Amponsah, a former Ghana Football Association (GFA) presidential aspirant, touting for the sale of cars bought by the old GFA for football clubs to share the money is a blatant unapologetic disregard for importance of organisational asset acquisition

The assets of the GFA are not sausage rolls. It is a shameful feeling for someone to call for assets of a company to be sold and shared among members with no recourse to the future

Dear Nana Yaw Amponsah (CEO Phar Rangers)

In the Happy Fm radio talk show with football administrators over the unnerving Covid - 19 crisis and its effects on Ghana football, your spout about the GFA executives living a luxurious lifestyle at the expense of the clubs got me dismayed and baffled by your shocking utterance

I can understand your position from an opposition perspective and the obsession to lead the GFA but promoting a dangerous message on rhetorics that are not founded on facts becomes a dangerous illustration to the public

Not everyone is expected to cheer the current GFA President, Kurt E.S.Okraku on, of course. However, a perfectly valid opinion is better than a self defeating lie about something you have not seen with your own eyes.

As a brother I have known over 10 years, I am writing this because I am genuinely worried about your integrity and the danger of foiling yourself with hollow fabrications. You have achieved a lot for yourself as an eloquent young man without the help of the GFA, therefore you don't need to exhibit vulnerability to any for losing a free and fair elections

First and foremost, the GFA has not renovated the office building in this pandemic era. I would gladly want to meet you at the GFA premises to point out the part where mortar or bricks were laid to renovate the building

Second, your comments that the leadership have bought cars and driving it around town amused me. As one who aspired to become the GFA President, you could have done a better investigation to know that, the supposedly cars where bought by the old GFA for a good course.

For some reasons the NC could not have the cars cleared at the port. Therefore, the new GFA only had to raise funds to clear the stacked cars at the harbour

Insensitive? The Black Stars players urged by the GFA to involve in educational drive to encourage Ghanaians to stay home and also observe all protocols is insensitive?

Celebrities are asking government for money to join in the public education but the Black Stars players did it free for the state. This one was the insensitive GFA initiative

The GFA gave out its Ghanaman School of Excellence at Prampram as an isolation centre to the state. It was even to the chagrin of the people of the community. You call this good initiative to save lives insensitive?

Nana, saying that the GFA didn't give out mask to its memebers hence, its insensitive is purely self centred. The association also has a social responsibility to offer the public at large

The indefatigable and administrative doyen, Kurt Okraku informed, engaged and presented proposals to government for a stimulus support, like every aspect of the economy that has been badly affected by the virus. Now we all know Government is taking steps, that clubs will possibly see the fruits. Is asking money out of the blue for clubs insensitive?

I still can't fathom how an insensitive GFA could give out GH25,000 free to your club and others. I wonder how an insensitive GFA could give out 30 balls to your club and others.

An insensitive GFA reduced cost of registration of players. An insensitive GFA absorbed fees for referees, match commissioners, game centre media officers and cameramen?

I respect you for your modern day intelligence. And it is what Kurt Okraku saw in you and offered you a role in the juvenile committee but you rejected it outright. Yes, it is within your remit but it was enough to show to you that there is no winner takes all here

Finally, you may ask in what capacity am I writing this, I do so because I want our generation to build a legacy. The legacy you told me you wanted to build can also be built by someone. But in doing so, that person needs our support but not on a barrage of accusation and grotesquely wrong message to destroy an association you preached to me you wanted the best for as an aspirant

Do not show emotions, suck it up and keep going bro. Anything else is weakness and real Kwabotwe or Adisco men are not weak.

Dwen Hw3 Kan!!