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Soccer News of Saturday, 1 August 2015

Source: Kwabena Appiah

Club leaders wants Techiman City investigated

Club leaders in Zone one of the National Divsion One wants Techiman City investigated else...........

As teams in the various zones of the second tie of the Ghana football scramble,hustle and jostle for promotion to the elite division of Ghana football,others are trying extremely hard to avoid facing the drop to the third tie,thus second division.The scales are therefore high in all zones.One zone that is facing this challenge is the zone one.

This we have concentration of all Brong Ahafo teams and the rest coming from the three regions of the North.These are Northern region,Upper East and Upper West.Wa Africa United is team that is based in the zone and has adopted the Damango park in the Northern region as their home venue.The team is obviously not in the best of shapes and forms,they are very hard to avoid the drop.The owner of the the team is crying foul over same sort of conspiracy theory.They believes some people in the top echelon by the GFA have connived to rob his team.He has even claimed on radio that,the president and sporting director of Techiman city has bribed his team prior to their last league game at home.He quoted a figure of four thousand Ghana cedis as the money the Techiman city president used to bribe his team.They lost the said game at home to the visiting Techiman city.He also alleged that,a bigwig of the G FA-called him to tell him to give the game to Techiman city.He has since provided the media with a tape of the discussion for the fixing of the game .These revelations were made on Moonlite FM-a Sunyani based radio station.

Apart from Wa Africa United that has made their intention clear of withdrawing,some other teams have also spoken in similar light or direction.There are Bolga Man city and Bole Amanjande.Bolga Man City has said without mincing their word.,they said that they have been handed a raw deal by the Disciplinary committee of the GFA who deducted their points over using unqualified player.

They were accused of using a player who had received three yellow cards.They were also fined three thousand Ghana cedis.They are denying the accusation in no uncertainty terms.The Bole club have also attributed their withdrawal to financial difficulties.One thing that is intriguingly shocking is the teams that have withdrawn or attempted to withdrawn have some unhappiness that involves Techiman city.

ln another development,the club leaders of some of the teams in the zone,namely Bofoakwa Tano,Berekum Aresenal,Berlin,Atebubu Esperance have come together to issue a press statement and also petition the division one board to keep on hold or suspend the remaining games of the zone until the allegation made by Wa Africa United against Techiman city is fully investigated to its logical conclusion.

They are strongly convinced that,when the matter is investigated dispassionately and fairly,the Techiman city president would not go Scot free.They have furnished the media with the voice recording and it has been played severally by the radio stations.The club leaders who want the zone's remaining games suspended are of the conviction that when left unheard,it will contribute games of convenience or compromise,becoming rampant or rife in the zone and by extension Ghana football.

We also media practitioners and sports enthusiasts also believe and support the demand and petition of these clubs.Fairness must prevail above all parochial sentiments.

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Raymond Yeboah/Alhaji Mahama Salia Fiewura-Moonlite Fm-Our number is 0272944359/0200775033,for any evidence FA can contact us.