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Blackstars bonuses should be reduced –VODEC
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Soccer News of Monday, 14 October 2013

Source: –VODEC

Blackstars bonuses should be reduced –VODEC

Blackstars bonuses should be reduced from $15000.00 to gh¢5000.00 cedis for the benefit of the poor–VODEC

We should instill discipline, patriotism and eschewing corruption, bribery and selfishness. The call for youth leaders is necessary, by us expecting the riches of freedom and security of justice for all people. Our country needs to be lifted from the quick sand of injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood.

Voice Of Developing Communities (VODEC), a research institute and a non-governmental organization wants to appeal to leaders in authority who were involve in agreeing to give such a colossal amount of money as bonuses to Ghana black stars for just a ninety (90) minutes of football played coming Tuesday at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium against the Pharaoh’s of Egypt be reduced from $15000.00 Dollars which is equivalence to Three Hundred and Twenty Four Million, Thirty Seven Thousand Fifty Pesewas (¢324,37.50) and needs to be reduced to Five Thousand Ghana Cedis (¢5000.00) Cedis for the benefit of the poor and the ordinary Ghanaian in need who cannot afford utility tariffs example pure water which cost Ghana 20p per sachet.

There is the need to promote national cohesion rather than promoting illegality. We should promote leadership development not only using leadership concept but also as an academic discipline in a bid to empower the youth of the country in general to get something doing to earn a living.

We should have a dream today, that one day children of Ghana will walk in their own country freely without been judged by unemployment, but the content of their character. Despite the difficulties and the frustration of the moment, We should measure our progress by the improvement in the health of our youth, by the number of children in school, by the quality of their education, by the availability of water and electricity in towns and villages, the happiness and welfare of our people should be our chief pride and it is these that Ghana would be judged.

It is evident in the fact that a nation united with foresight in love makes progress, whilst a nation which seeks divides and rule tactics, wallows in extremely abject poverty and Ghana is turning through that direction.

We need to transform apprenticeship and other job training programmes to enable the youth acquire relevant skills for self employment and reduce unemployment among the youth through series of integrated intervention. The youth are wasting their life in Alcohol (Akpeteshie) and substance abuse which has inhibits control centres in their brains. A result is that a person under the influence may become more prone to violence behaviour and responds more too aggressively to provocation.

We should not waste the tax payer’s money on just some few people at the expense of the masses of our dear nation. All of us should become Chief Operating Officers of Productive Indigenous Industries and Pragmatic Directors of Local initiatives for development, education, disease alleviation, Sanitation and protection of our state coffers.

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