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Be interested in your security - GOC President calls ahead of Taekwondo forum

Ben Nunoo Mensah, GOC President Ben Nunoo Mensah, GOC President

The President of the Ghana Olympic Committee, Ben Nunoo Mensah has emphasized the need for people to take interest in Taekwondo as it equips them with the skills and ability to defend themselves.

Speaking at the launch of the ‘Safety For All Campaign’, Nunoo Mensah said that in the wake-up kidnappings and other security issues in the country, it was important for Ghanaians particularly women to arm themselves with self-defence abilities.

“One thing that has not changed about Taekwondo is the ability it gives you to protect yourself especially our ladies. Men normally are strong to protect ourselves from attacks but women are the people who need special training so that in case you find yourself in the alley where a mischievous person wants to take advantage you can defend yourself very well” he said.

Hannah Humphrey founder of Candace Taekwondo Foundation urged Ghanaians to recognize the security threats in the country and make their personal safety a priority.

She mentioned that the campaign will focus on raising awareness and stressing the importance of personal security and safety.

“As citizens, we must recognize and make our personal safety our own priority. We must equip ourselves with the needed skills to ensure our personal safety and safety of our family. In light of this Candace Taekwondo Academy has brought this programme to actually create awareness about safety”.

She also expressed her gratitude to all personalities and institutions who answered her calls for assistance to hold the programme.

The President of the Ghana Taekwondo Federation, Frederick Otu Lartey and Sung Si-hoon who is the Vice Director of the Kukkiwon Demonstration Team also addressed the gathering.

The Safety for All Campaign which commences tomorrow at the Centre for West African Lands, University Ghana is expected to end on Wednesday, November 18.

The 3-day forum will focus on self-awareness training, self-defence training, first-aid training, among others.

Grand Master Sun Tai Kim, Master Hannah Humphrey and host of other experts have been lined up as instructors for the program.

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