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Sports Features of Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Source: Dugubrame, Noah Asare

Asamoah Gyan Is A Bad Omen To Black Star.

I know many people, especially religeous fans of Ghana's baby Jet will take me for these observations am about to make but if they will take time to read what am about to write to the end they will end up agreeing with me if I say Ghana's max man should be ignored because he is a bad omen.

History has a lot to teach us if we are ready to learn. Without any doubts the Baby Jet has been of an enormous help to our dear country but statistics lately is showing clearly that any time he is in the team our score line gets discouraging.

If folks will remember the last few years of our soccer history any time the Sunderland striker leads our team the highest number of goals we score is two.

Just take a glance at our goals for during the last African cup of nations in Angola. Every match won was by one goal. During the world cup in South Africa the winning goal also stood at the same thing, 1 goal. With highest number of goals scored being two against America with which one was cancelled by our opponents. I wont count the goals against Uruguay because Asamoah Gyan himself wont like to remember that match.

After the world cup remember all the matches Baby Jet featured until the draw with Sudan before his suspension.

Now lets consider our matches played without Gyan. Against Togo, Ghana scored four goals and the Togolese cancealed one. Against Congo at their own backyard Ghana scored three goals without an answer from the Red devils. When we hosted the Congolese we gave three goals and Kingson donated one to them.

In the friendly against England when we saw Fabio Capello featuring his second team against Ghana with Asamoah Gyan as the top striker again we scored only one goal of course by him just as in the many one one goals we have been scoring. The game agains Korea is still fresh in our memories, again The Black Stars score only one goal. We even got a spot kick which Asamoah squandered.

With all these and more which the pages will not allow me to write I think Baby Jet Asamoah Gyan a fine player and one of the best strikers Ghana has ever got is not a good omen when it comes to playing for Ghana. I will above all things wish that the coach uses him as last resort whilst the other strikers start our matches and believe me Ghana will be repeating the score lines of the likes of Ghana:Togo, Congo:Ghana, and Ghana:congo.

I rest my case and wish to tell all the fans of Baby Jet that this is not a plot against my brother Gyan because I hail from Wenchi but its for the benefit of our national team. His presence in the team always bring barreness of goals not because he is not a good player but he just does not bring luck to the team. God bless Ghana and all those who sacrificed in one way or the other to keep our country going including Ghana's only Baby Jet, Asamoah Gyan.

Noah Asare Dugubrame