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Players Abroad of Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Source: Galatasaray sc

Appiah and Song convinced me - Barusso

Press Conference: Ahmed Barusso

The Ghanaian football player Ahmed Barusso whom we hired from the Italian AS Rome till the end of the season was introduced today with a press conference.

Adnan Sezgin, General Manager of Galatasaray Football AS, remarked that Galatasaray had previously reached an agreement with Ahmed Barusso and his team Rome and Barusso joined to Galatasaray with a delay only because of African Cup of Nations matches and continued “Barusso came to Istanbul last night and had his first training with the team this morning. I hope this new beginning will be beneficial both for him and for Galatasaray. We have realized this transaction for hire and the transfer privilege will belong to Galatasaray at the end of the season. Hopefully he will be another contribution to our team which is well on the way to success.”

Ahmed Barusso wore the shirt numbered 15 stated that he hoped to play for Galatasaray.

Barusso declared that he had a major injury and could not find the opportunity to wear the uniform of Rome that already had star players and continued "I think that I have to comply with this situation. We had a talk with the President of AS Rome after he told me about this offer. We both agreed that Galatasaray is a major team. It is because of this very important reason that I came here. I think I will find my appropriate place within the tactical composition of the team.”

Ahmed Barusso stated that after he had made the deal with Galatasaray, he talked to many players like Nonda and Song from Galatasaray and Appiah from Fenerbahce. The Ghanaian football player said that everyone he had talked to said very pleasant things about Galatasaray and added “I have been told that the team has a structure which provides the young players with a chance to prove themselves. I will do my best to be useful for the team. I think I will find the opportunity to assert myself and that’s why I am here.”

Barusso was then asked if he had any idea whether he will have the opportunity to wear the shirt of Galatasaray on the pitch, to which he answered “There are at least 25 players in a football team. 18 of them are chosen for the match but only 11 players can come out to field in the beginning of the game. So the nature of the game carries the possibility of not playing.”

Barusso continued “A coach forms his team by possessing a very detailed knowledge over the specifications of his players. What the players have to keep in mind while they are training is that they might not be included in the first 11 every week. We have to try to do our best to be chosen while showing respect to the decisions of our coach who will act in the best interest of the team. I feel very eager to chase victories with Galatasaray. This is my primary target. I am well aware that I am in a team of players who are eager to win. I see no reason why I should not continue with Galatasaray at the end of the season.”