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Sports News of Saturday, 22 February 2020


Anthony Obodai was always walking naked- Sjaak Polak

Anthony Obodai Anthony Obodai

Sparta hero Sjaak Polak shared some funny moments about retired footballer Anthony Obodai during their time at the club in his autobiography.

He revealed that the Ghanaian always used to walk naked because he had a great body and wanted to show it off.

"He came from Ajax and came to Sparta. He was 1.60 and was a very good boy, but he always walked naked through the corridor because he had a fantastic body. He always said: I am the king. moment I said: now you must stop, because you are just a smurf ".

He also added what he and his colleague did to scare the midfielder.

"He walked back in his nakie to the massage table. My buddy stood at the door and we looked at each other. I say yes. He said no. I say yes, so I say Rick, grab it and then we get to work. Rick dives under the table, grabs his arms and puts his foot down at the bottom of that table. We had a few rolls of tapes and then we tied him up".

"I walked very quietly to the medical cupboard and got a spatula out of it. Then I forgot something. So I get some red hot from a pot. That's a pretty spicy balm. And I stand behind him and I look at his sphincter. I am ready and I see him getting smaller ", Polak laughs. "So at a certain point I say: relax now. So I kept waiting for him to relax."

"I hit the spatula like that on his tailbone and then he squeezed it again. I had to wait again. Finally he relaxed and I pull it down like that through his buttock and his handbag. He didn't like that. best of all, Eva: he thought it was ready. But the weather was nice, 26 or 27 degrees, nice sunshine. Then we decided to put it on the center spot. Fantastic, that is humor ".