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Sports Features of Thursday, 22 October 2015

Source: Sarpong, Justice

Accra Hearts Of Oak 'NO SABE' GFA rules

The GFA Appeal committee has finally issued its verdict on the appeal 'Fantabulous' Kumasi Asante Kotoko filed for the restoration of its six points, three of them illegally given to Accra Hearts of Oak to safe them from relegation.

In reaching that verdict, the Appeal committee in 28 point by point explanation came out why it reversed the earlier decision that punished Kotoko without cause.

In order not to bore readers, I will quote point 18 and 28 by the Appeal committee why it reverted the earlier decision by the Disciplinary committee that gave Hearts three boardroom points that it did not deserve.

"18. It is the respectful view of this Committee that if Obed Owusu was unqualified when he featured for Kotoko against Berekum Chelsea his said ineligibility ended after that particular match whether or not a protest was duly lodged. Therefore at the time Obed Owusu featured for WAFA, Ashgold and Hearts he was qualified to feature and Hearts had no basis protesting. The Disciplinary Committee, with all due deference was wrong in coming to a conclusion that at the time Obed Owusu featured for Kotoko against both Ashgold and Hearts he was unqualified. If that position was taken to be correct then at what point will the player resume his eligibility. Is he going to remain ineligible for the rest of the season? Again, can the player decide on his own to sit out in any subsequent match after the Berekum Chelsea match in order to satisfy article 39(5 (a)(v). That will be unacceptable because it will create the platform for players and teams to decide which match to sit out instead of the next official match after the third yellow card

28. In the circumstances, the Elite Clubs Cup Competition match played between Kotoko and Dunkwa United was an official match. Obed Owusu having sat out in that particular match has therefore satisfied article 39(5)(a)(v) of the General Regulations of the FA. The player therefore, having served his automatic suspension in the said match became eligible or qualified when he featured for Kotoko in the subsequent matches, being Kotoko vs. Berekum Chelsea, WAFA vs. Kotoko, Kotoko vs. Ashgold and Hearts vs. Kotoko. We therefore hereby uphold the appeal filed by Kotoko and overturn the decision of the Disciplinary Committee dated 1st September, 2015. The results of the match in question stand undisturbed. The six points deducted from the accumulated points of Kotoko is hereby restored and Hearts remains the loser of the said match. The GH¢5,000.00 fine awarded against Kotoko is also vacated. - "

On September 8 of this year, I wrote an article that almost said the same thing as the 18th and 28th points by the Appeal Committee members and Hearts of Oak supporters who claim to be the educated ones were all over me like a K-Mart cheap suit. Below is the said article reproduced in its entirety.

Sports Features of Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Source: Justice Sarpong

Hearts Of Oak Filed An Illegal "AFUOM" Protest

At the time Accra Hearts of Oak filed its protest against Kotoko, assuming even that the GFA Article 39(5) that states a Player who has accumulated three(3)yellow cards should be suspended for the next Official GFA sanctioned competition passes on to the next team in line if the first team, in this case Berekum Chelsea doesn't file, the next team in line was Ashgold who had filed a protest on the same charge.

Hearts at this point did not have any locus to file a protest demanding three points since it was not their turn. Kotoko then played West Africa Football Academy before playing Hearts.

Hearts actually filed an illegal . protest. GFA Rule 39(5) states clearly that a Player should be suspended after accruing three yellow cards and sit out the next official match. What official match did Kotoko play after Obed's three yellow cards?

The next official match Kotoko played after Obed's three cards was with Berekum Chelsea who beat Kotoko 3-0 and find no need to protest since winning the appeal will give them three goals and three points which they already have.

The rule does not state if the team in line to file a protest did not file, then the next team can do so. It states clearly that the Player should be suspended on the next official match and Obed' suspension after the Chelsea match was fulfilled whether Berekum Chelsea filed or not because the law gave them 72 hours to file the protest and if you don't file, then you lose your right and in this case, Berekum Chelsea lost their right to appeal whether it was intentional or not. There is nowhere in the rules where this right is passed on to the next team.

The next match Kotoko played was against Ashantigold who actually filed a protest after losing to Kotoko by 1-2. In the middle of GFA Disciplinary Committee deliberations, Ashantigold wrote a letter rescinding their protest for reasons only known to them. Either they found out their protest has no legs to stand on or found out they did not need the three points to win the league Title.

Kotoko then played West Africa Football Academy(WAFA) which Kotoko lost 0-1. Once again, WAFA did not file any protest demanding three goals since they already have three points or that team too found out it has no locus against Kotoko playing Obed Owusu.

What then prompted Hearts to file a protest? Hearts was in a panic because they were on the verge of being relegated and are trying to hang on to straws even in a raging river to safe themselves.

After Hearts organized armed robbery and scare tactics failed when they invaded Kotoko Hotel, beating Players and Officials failed to scare our 'Fantabulous' "WO KUM APEM A' APEM BEBA BOYS", they then embarked on their second plan, to play the Referee as their 12th. man.

After practically playing twelve against Kotoko with the Referee only wearing the Referee attire physically but spiritually playing for Hearts and losing 1-2 to Kotoko despite a dubious penalty awarded which these second division Players in Hearts wasted.

Kotoko has many evidence to get this "afuom" verdict by Hearts constituted supporters Disciplinary Committee decision thrown out and if the Appeal committee fails to revert the six points to my darling club 'FANTABULOUS KUMASI ASANTE KOTOKO' then we will tie up the GFA in court and the 2016 league will not be played.

The ELITE cup too was an organized sanctioned competition and official so if Obed sat out after three games, he had served his suspension.

My understanding is that, GFA in March 2015 met and amended its rule. The amended rule is ARTICLE 39 SECTION 8(a) which stipulates that any fine applied to football league is also applicable to the FA and the Elite cups.

Let GFA be aware that Kotoko is not King Faisal. Kotoko is a religion amonsgt us supporters and we will not allow Pharisees from the Hearts camp to steal from us to safe themselves from relegation. Even if we win our next two matches, we will continue on with this case to get our six points restored. Hearts should learn how to win points on the field not from the boardroom.

Justice Sarpong