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(2014-03-15 17:18:07)

AFRICA'S ENLIGHTENMENT TO LIBERATION- FOCUS ON GHANA. There was a time when everything began to change in the western world. When myth gave way to logic and scientific thinking. Where minds were allowed to think and explore new ways of doing ...

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Crisis of international legal orders in embattled Ukraine

(2014-03-06 23:56:36)

It will be revealing to see how illegalities compete to occupy legal space in international geopolitical legal order in respect of the crisis in Ukraine. The following observations do present competing perspectives. First, the reckless rioting that sought to remove ...

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Re-Open Letter to Kumawuman Citizens, John Fosu, Rockson Adofo

(2014-02-23 15:03:16)

Re-Open Letter to Kumawuman Citizens, John Fosu, Rockson Adofo Dear Kumawuman citizens, I have been passive onlooker for far too long for John Fosu, Rockson Adofo and some unpatriotic souls who are polluting the minds of the good people of kumawu ...

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After the so-called Supreme Court ruling

(2014-02-21 03:47:19)

After the so-called Supreme Court ruling By: Michael Addai Typically, some Ghanaians have a tendency of having a very short political memory and attention span, and therefore the inclination of repeating mistakes, some grave ones, over and over is very high. Hence, ...

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(2014-02-16 20:18:15)

CEDI DEPRECIATION: THIS BATTLE IS NOT DIACHRONIC A US comedian, Groucho Marx, jokingly said “politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies’ This is obviously not the case about recent ...

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What is this about humanity?

(2014-02-10 10:01:56)

After I was totally beaten by Maxwell my one time boss in table tennis, I drove home shamefully from his evergreen beautiful apartment to my noble home. Actually I had no where to go. My mind was void due to ...

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Local Governance and Development

(2014-02-10 09:57:51)

We are where we are because of our attitude. Yes we will remain where we are until we make up our minds about doing things differently because if we continue to do the same things the same way we will ...

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The Republic

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Twumasi-Fofie, Kwame

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