Feature Article of Sunday, 8 January 2012

Columnist: Mohammed, Murtala

My Interdiction


My Interdiction

I want to state unequivocally that, I will not be cow to submission by the Central committee’s decision to interdict me. I remain resolute, adamant and unshaken in my quest to call for all inclusiveness, transparency, tolerance and respect for each and every one’s opinion in party. Our party is a mass party, not a property bequeaths to any group of individuals whose parents or grant parents may have contributed to it being.

My interdiction was bias, baseless and did not follow any due process. Albeit I have not received any letter to that effect of my interdiction, my greatest crime was to be supported by DR. PAPA KWESI NDUOM to become the National Youth Organiser of the party. The Alibi given by the General Secretary as the reason d’être for my interdiction is fraught with vagueness, intemperate language and contradictions. It remains an empty allegation from a learned comrade.

Also, I want to entreat all the youth in the party to be calm and patient until disciplinary processes of the party begin and the final determination of the matter. I was elected by congress as the other executives were equally elected and therefore, nobody can relieve me of my position because I do not I agree with them. I AM STILL THE NATIONAL YOUTH ORGANISER OF THE PARTY.

I am highly disappointed in the conduct of some leading members of our party and the Central Committee’s decision to interdict me. Granted my utterances and statements were unsavory and contrary to the party’s ideal, what lives the party’s betimes in calling Hon. Samia, Mr. Ivor Greenstreet and Roda to order; since they spew more damning and vituperative words than me. Are they not culpable too? Why the selective justice?

As Odewale said in The gods are to blame by Ola Rotumi ”All lizards lie prostrate: how can a man tell which lizard suffers from bellyache? In time, the pain will make one of them lie flat on its back, then shall that which has been unknown be made known.