Music of Thursday, 5 October 2006


My life, My Love, My All - Diana Akiwumi

The dimpled gospel songstress Diana Akiwumi Botchway says love and romance do not feature in her present scheme of things and would remain so, for quite sometime.

Speaking on her love life in an exclusive chat with the Graphic Showbiz, Diana who got separated from her husband, Rev Samuel Akiwumi in 1997 and divorced about four years ago said there is no one in her life at the moment.

? I have been busy with my new baby, the Performing Arts Ministry (PAM), of the Youth With a Mission, Ghana/(YWAM)? she said of the body of which she is the Director.

?I really want it to work so all my attention is focused on its success. It is the reason why I have not been looking but it doesn?t mean I have closed the door to a relationship. Probably Mr Right is yet to come along.?

?The next person in my life should be supportive of what I do. Infact what I need is a companion. Someone who understands what I do. My current schedule is very tight. My work is very involvng.

There are times I go on outreach programmes sometimes for a month or more so you see the person should be one who understands otherwise insecurity sets in and that breeds problems.?

Diana describes her seven years of marriage as the first phase of her life.

?My marriage, separation, divorce and all the ?trappings? that came with it has made me a stronger person. It was not easy for me but right now I can say I am a happy person. By God?s grace I am at peace with myself. Life is good.

? Because I am a very private person, going through all these really took a toll on. It was depressing watching someone you have so much hope in throw his life away.

But thank God I was able to brace the storm. I managed to pay our debts with proceeds from the music I made as well as concerts I performed.?

Diana who got married in 1990 right after completing sixth form said it is unfortunate her marriage didn?t work. ?My marriage didn?t work but that doesn?t mean the end of the world. There is no marriage in heaven.

We have our individual calling so I realised that I had to get up and move on to fulfil my purpose in life and that is winning souls for God through music. Marriage is good but it is not the only option in life.?

Asked if she misses her husband, Diana answered in the negative. ? No I do not miss him. I only remember bad things.

He was insecure and couldn?t stand the fame and attention I was getting so he made trouble all the time. It was so bad that I was only happy when I was out performing.

?I am not angry with him. I have forgiven him for all that he did to me. I don?t hate him but it is unfortunate I can?t marry him anymore.

It just didn?t work.? In as much as she says she has bad memories of him, Diana credits him for her walk to fame.

? I was already singing when I met him. The talent was there but it was he who encouraged me to go professional. He is very assertive and brainy that is why I say it was depressing to watch him throw his life away.?

She also dispelled rumours that she had been denying him access to their 14 year old son.

? I have never refused him accesss to our son but I have been upset with things he had done when he came for the boy. Of course our son misses his father sometimes so why would I stop them from being together.

My ex-husband is not consistent. He disappears and appears at will. I don?t even know where he is so it is difficult to even send the boy to him.

?There are times he picks the boy up at weekends and brings him in the middle of the week meaning the boy misses classes.

Once, I got to know he took him to a night club and of course no mother worth her sort would want her child in such places. My son is important to me and he is my life.?

Until now the limelight that shone on Diana Akiwumi, who stormed the Ghanaian music scene with the award winning song Winner in 1993 appeared to be flickering.

Although she has come out with a number of works after Winner, much has not been heard of the songstress in recent times.

She has been missing in action for a while which set people wondering whether she had stopped singing and recording.

But when Graphic Showbiz called on Diana, she said she is still in music and she is currently in the studio and sure to come out by the middle of October. Diana believes Ysua, the album she is working on will be another hit.

?It may probably be better than Winner. It has 11 songs and it was recorded live so I hope to come out with both CDs and VCDs.

?I haven?t stopped making music. I came out with a couple of albums before I went back to school and even while in school I came out with an album titled Koso Aba/Trusting You.

My last album entitled Africa America was completed in 2004. It was a collaboration with an American colleague and we sold it out right to a production company.?

She said the work was never released because there was some misunderstanding between the partners of the company and it has been put on hold till now. ?Although I got my money, people didn?t get to hear the songs and that is not good enough?, she added.

According to Diana who is the Vice-President of MUSIGA, aside making music, she has been busy with her new schedule as the Director of PAM. ?I joined YWAM in 2003 and last year inaugurated PAM which is my baby.

I realised that there were many artistic people in the church but with not much to do. They only come together during Children?s Day, Youth Day and other festive occasions and that?s it.

? So PAM came into being to bring gifted people from various churches together.

I teach theatre, drama, choreography, voice training among others. I also help those who want to persue any of these professionally.?

She said what she teaches are basic courses to prepare students who want to further their education at the universities which are affliliated to YWAM.