Music of Sunday, 30 May 2004


Bandana From Ghana?

Bandana Bandana from Ghana ? Mokohoo. Afi nee ngbe fee naa ? Mokohoo. Se enyum mu yewu de a bra ma yen sa. Aafee fee shi still anyee?This is the chorus of the new artiste in the raglife game, Bandana.

Bandana a name he derived from his peers way back in school. He used to wear ?Ghana flagged bandana (scarf)? a lot. ?To me I think I am representing Ghana, my motherland's colours which are Red, Yellow and Green everywhere I go with my songs?, he said.

Speaking to Ghana Music.Com at the Liquid Bar, he was asked how he got into the fast growing raglife scene. ?Way back in SSS, Doggie was then my stage name and I was then rolling (moving) with the late Terry Bonchaka a lot when I was in SS1. There where the likes of Shaaba Ranks, Chaka Demus but I think CJ Lewis was making it big on the International market in the 90s so I took him as my role model and started doing copyright of some of his songs and other ragga artistes songs.?

?I really started rapping at a tender age when I was in class 3 and guess what my fans my first composed song was a gospel song. I partook in some school events like Mr & Miss SSS, Inter Schools X?mas Fiesta and Best Brain Competition which I placed first. So to put everything short it wasn?t easy though, but I never gave up my spirit and now my music is blazing the airwaves.?

Asked about how he sees the hiplife and raglife scene? ?I think the competition is very tight and I am also out to make it tighter?

For now Bandana hopes to be a full time musician and hopes to go into the computer science field later. Bandana is an artiste who gets his inspiration from everyday happenings and adds it to his lyrics.

Currently his ?Mokohoo? and ?Eye Onoa? track is rocking the airwaves. And also the Mokohoo video clip is also out and is being shown on the Ghanaian TV stations. He also got other hot tracks like ?Ahye Wo?, ?Obaa Yaa?, ?Fakye Me?, ?Tribute To Terry Bonchaka?, ?a Dance hall track? and lastly ?Have fun?. For his fans out there who have heard or not heard the Mokohoo track, just go grab a copy of his cassette and get to know Bandana more.

For those who don?t know Bandana well, he was at the Ghana Institute of Languages (GIL) show, Music Music, Anansekrom, Shinny Beach and also promoting his album on some radio stations like Radio Gold, Adom FM and Joy FM recently.

Bandana wants to ?big up? people like Mr X (Producer) ? Julius K. Yeboah, Mufty Dabre ? manager, Sugar Tone  - engineer, Nana Kwame ? Show manager, Lillian ? Dancer, Blackman, Dombohene, Michiko, his family and everyone who has helped him in any small way uplift this album and could be reached on his phone on 233 27 7731425.

In two years to come Bandana hopes to be big like Sean Paul and the other likes in Ghana and also has hope that he will be an international star. For his next album, he says his fans and music lovers should expect something big and phat.

Bandana who hails from Amanfrom, Winneba was born to Mr Charles Mensah Snr and Madam Elsie Evelyn Mensah as Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr on the 17th October. He is a product of Divine Education, Seven Great Princess Academy and Winneba Secondary School.

Now that he is busy with promoting his album, he still has basketball and designing as his hobbies. He?s got two lovely sisters named Karen and Winnie Mensah who are very supportive of his music career.

He recorded the whole album at Westwise Records based at Spintex.