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Pro Sports Blog of Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Source: Joseph Walter

Messi Contract Brouhaha!!

Most Barca fans around the globe are sudden with the shocking exit of one of the brightest talent that has ever graced the game of football from the Catalonia. Messi and Barcelona had reached total agreement for the renewal of his contract for a period of 5 years. Messi arrived from Ibiza where he spent the break wit his his former teammate Louis Suarez, while his father and representative, Jorge Messi arrived from Miami to complete and officially announce the signing.

However a sudden twist of fate happened, with La Liga refusing to accord some degree of flexibility in it’s financial structure to allow the club to officially renew the player’s contract. Messi had agreed a 50% salary reduction, however, the likes of Umtiti, Lenglet, Griezmann, Coutinho, Alba, Roberto have either refused to accept wage cuts or to leave the club.

Liga entered into a dubious agreement with CVC Investment, however several top clubs in Spain, notably: Real Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic Club are against the deal. The investment agreement will affect some of the club’s assets and would temper with some degree of the club’s freedom which might affect its ability to continue with the Super League in future. In the wake of this, Javier Tebas pitched Barcelona into a Messi vs Super League situation. Laporta, the Catalan President is seemingly trying to play his cards well by publicly announcing that Messi won’t renew his contract. In this way, La Liga would receive threats and pressure from fans, sponsors and associates, which may force them to change their stance! The fact that no Barca player has posted a farewell message for Messi points to this fact.

In my opinion, these clubs are right to reject the CVC Investment Funding, as it is deceptive, dubious and inimical. In the past, CVC have attempted similar deals in the French and German leagues and failed, due to its disadvantages, as such it is ethically wrong for Javier Tebas to sell off portions of club’s assets to this company!

Joan Laporta is set to hold a press conference tomorrow at 11PM where he will address the issue. The fact that Laporta will be attending this meeting alone, without Messi, points to a chance that these might just be a media stunt to apply pressure on La Liga to change their stance