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Can Ameko and other Sycophants Learn from Bagbin?

Kwaku Azar
2013-11-01 20:11:39

Faced with the difficulty iof advising President IMAC in the closet, former Majority Leader, Alban Bagbin has gone public with his wise counsel, hoping to draw the president’s attention to the corrupt practices under his administration.

Sounding livid and frustrated, said that he is “deeply worried” about how the country is being governed.

He claimed he has for far too long “complained in silence” about the raging corruption which is eating deep into the fabric of the society and could no longer look on for the country to end up in the abyss.

Mr Bagbin maintained he is not alone in the struggle but the rest, for fear of victimization and partisan attack, would prefer to keep “quiet and mute, and suffering in silence”.

Asked why he would not direct such a grave concern to the president in person, Mr Bagbin indicated that the president’s schedule makes him remote and therefore difficult for him, like many of the president's appointees, to meet him.

“So many of you will be surprised that even though we are there, we don’t have access to the president to talk to him.

Can Ameko and other Sycophants Learn from Bagbin?

Da Yie!

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