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2013-09-01 09:03:48

SURPRISE! isn't it?

Tsatsu Tsikata has no shame. After his his boss has bought justice from the supreme court judges, he has the gust to attack one of the most refined justices of our land who will not be corrupted by him nor his boss. Though we were not in court, we saw it and we heard every single action behind the scenes. After John Mahama has paid two million dollars ($2 0000.00) to each of the justice six justice to skew justice in his favor, the most debased lawyer of this land TSATSU TSIKATA has the infantry to insult justice Annim Yeboah and call him an NPP. Tsatsu is just a common criminal who doesn't deserve to live. He is already a convicted criminal. after his jail he has single handed stolen millions of dollars of our oil wealth. We want TSATSU TSIKATA to no that we no those who paid the money to the judges. even the delay in announcing the verdict we no the reasons.

TSATSU TSIKATA will fall in his own pit . He will be disgraced in this country and everyone will see his fall.

God punish his descendants forever.
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