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Pride Week: Vancity Reeking of Sperm

2013-08-01 19:52:51

The stench of semen is overwhelming when one gets closer to the entrance of any hotel in Vancity. Cruise ships have noticed that lesbian and faggot cruises spill more sperm and cum willy-nilly than straight guys and women cruises. Thousands are now descending upon our little city thanks to frigging politicians who have encourage the GLBT group to use Vancity as the next big city instead of San Fran.

I used to associate Genova, Italy, Athens, Greece, San Francisco, US of A as faggot and lesbian basis in my youth, a place to flee from when a guy asks you for directions. But now my own backyard is becoming scarier by the minute, thanks to these modern-day politicos who think your kids would be better off if taught about faggotism and lesbianism.

[This is an authentic posting from JW (Registered User)]
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