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Why are they Killing the Country?

Kwaku Azar
2013-08-01 10:37:48

In the 4-year period, spanning 2008 to 2012, GYEEDA received GH¢949,661,017 to fund its unspecified and ill-defined projects/activities. Funding in 2009 was GH¢115,260,000 but surged to GH¢449,044,580 in 2012.

Not only was the GH¢949,661,017 not accounted for, by way of audited (or even unaudited) financial statements, by June 2013, GYEEDA allegedly owed an additional GH¢259,000,000.

Of the GH¢259,000,000 alleged debt, GH¢122,000,000 (47%) is supposed to be owed to Better Ghana Management Service Limited (BGMS). GYEEDA is paying an astronomical, almost unbelievable and unreasonable, financing cost of about 100% per month or 1,200% per annum on this debt.

Why are they Killing the Country?

Da Yie!

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