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Firing Squad Would Have Sent Stronger Message?

Kofi Ameko
2013-08-01 09:27:46

" A High Court Judge and a Court Registrar have been jailed by an Accra High Court, for stealing.

Justice Edward Mensah Boateng, who until his conviction, was a judge at the Sefwi Wiawso High Court in the Western Region, will serve nine months, while his accomplice, Jacob Dickson Owusu, Registrar of the[ Denu] High Court in the Volta Region, will serve 12 months.

The two men are said to have converted US$50,754.9 paid to the [Denu] High Court as ordered by Justice Boateng the trial judge, into cedis and invested it in a fixed deposit account at the Denu Agricultural Development Bank, sharing the interest on the principal sum, any time it (interest) accrued.

It meant the convicts dishonestly appropriated sums accruing on the investment on a fixed deposit account illegally lodge at the Denu branch of the ADB.

The money was meant for compensation for the parties in litigation."


Why did this case take so long?

Why were they not kept on remand for the donkey years they keep others?

Infact, Judges who are to uphold the Law must be singled out for severe affirmative punishment when they go contrary to the law. The same must apply to all Lawyers, and Politicians.

About 4 years ago, when Kwaku Boafo was hungry and he stole a plate of goat meat, he was sentenced to 2 years in prison. Yes, two years! Yes, those fingers of plantain thief got more than dished out to these crooks from the Judiciary.

Infact, these "Learned men/ LORDS/Honorables" deserve harsh affirmative sentencing.

What do you think?

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