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Kwesi Agbenu
2013-08-01 07:03:40

- TTTTT, Tsatsu Turkey the Thief Tsikata and his NDC moronic cohorts are losing out on the psychological game at the SC petition hearing. They have no legal grounds to argue the case out except on the usual, emotions sentiments and tribal feelings. - - TTTTT in anticipation of a loss in the SC petition wanted an excuse to help him hold on to his respect. - - Hence his deliberate delay in filing his address last Tuesday contrary to the rules. - Yes! Tsatsu deliberately delayed the filing of his address - - The sheme is to manouvre to get SC to dismiss his address so that should in case Akufo Ado wins – which Tsatsu has glaringly see- then he will accuse SC of injustice for dismissing his address to pave way for the petitioners.

- As it were, the SC rightly accepted his hollow address which will not help the cause of the Respondents anyway.

- - Tsatsu is psychologically broken. He address has no legal grounds. The escape route has been denied him by Providence. - - Disgraceful , cunning , sneaky TTTTTTT.

- He has been cornered clean.

Tsatsus deliberate psychological monkee game exposed
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Truth II
08-01 07:09