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With all my love to Bentiwah

Kasa Barima
2013-08-01 00:47:35

Some chase love to no avail, some travel far and wide to purchase love and it still eludes them even when caged, others beg for it but never receive. I chased, prayed to NyameAJah and I received.

Who on SIL has offered love that knocked off toupees from baldheads?

Who on SIL has offered love that turned up the watts of jealousy to a full blast?

Who on SIL has shown love or been loved to a tune of getting lonely souls to immediately call up old love ones they’ve abandoned?

Who on SIL has shown love that moved the old and young to tears?

Who on SIL has displayed love that keeps Asase, Kokrap and the Jolos Brigade away? I swear, a chapter a day of Benti’s love will keep the devil, jealous and envious bunch away.

Only my Odehyee Bentiwah could deliver such love, the kind that could make Romeo and Juliet envious. I put it to you that Bentiwah’s love could resurrect Romeo and Juliet. Bentiwah’s love could remotely reload Cupid’s arrow and shoot without missing.

Here you go my love;


In this Lumba’s song which I dedicate to Benti, he talks about how some think Kasa has been juju-ed……………..yeah; Ebi se >de aduro n’ay3 me.

Benti please pay attention to where it says;

3y3 a na nkr>fo> fri s3 3y3 aduro bi ooo

Ny3 aduro na 3y3 >d>

3bi se wo de biribi n’ay3 me

Me nuabaa 3y3 koowaa……….(for those who do not understand what koowaa is, “koowaa krataa” means newspaper so go figure)

He goes further to say’

Maame Serwaa aaa na me ne no b3wu ooo( only Bentiwah and Maa will understand this part)

S3 wo nte ase3 a twa wo y3m ooooo


Bentiwah, you made my day and I thank you very much. I haven’t celebrated my birthday for the past 10 years but I did today and will continue through the weekend.

Thank you, my love.


Bentiwah, here are a few other songs for your listening pleasure;


Yours trully,

Birthday boy Kasa.

[This is an authentic posting from Kasa Barima (Registered User)]
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Kwaku Romeo
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Kwaku Romeo
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Kasa Barima
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Kwaku Romeo
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Kasa Barima
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HANNIBAL(Blessed by God)
08-01 01:35
Kasa Barima
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Kwaku Romeo
08-01 01:39
abaa-bii abuzotyel
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abaa-bii abuzotyel
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