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Asset Declaration is a must

2001-01-04 18:03:48

The laws of Ghana require from each in or out-going officer in governmental positions from director up-wards to declare his or her assets at the beginning as well as at the end of each term of office. In order to achieve a new and clean beginning, all incoming Ministers, MP's, Heads of Civil or Public Organisations etc. should declare their assets. Same, of course, pertains to the outgoing officers who hailed over the years the principles of accountability and probity. Lets now compare their present asset declarations with those submitted 4 years ago (anyhow, are these still somewhere in the archives??) I wish to see all of them doing it voluntarily, freely, honestly and without delay. For one side to prove that really a new, honest chapter of governance will be opened, for the other side that these principles always hammered on the simple man still have a bearing for the former house-cleaning team of the previous government. For them it should be a last chance to prove that all what was said and done by them was not merely junk talk. I suggest that all assets declarations be vetted by an international audit firm, funds for that exercise should be readily available with the international agencies against corruption, from the WB and others who should have an interest to protect future financial support earmarked for Ghana's development.
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