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Abdul-Razaq Appiah
2001-01-04 18:03:01

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Fake People struggle for ministerial posts in government, because they are of the desire to loot from the treasury, abuse their office, and enslave their own people. These fake mininsters could do that because the citizens are not matured and experienced enough to realize that such ministers should be strongly criticized, and be prosecuted. This kind of get-rich-quick behaviour is rampant in Africa because majority of us have no western education as to know what is going on in our westernized governments. Mass education will help reduce the wannabe ministers. Leaders are servants of the people. Ask Mandella. They are supposed to eat last. That is after every citizen has already eaten. Nobody can change the bad governmental policies and kicking out the bad nuts rather than you and I . And we can only do that after we have overcome what was planted in our minds by the British, making us look down upon everything African. I, Abdul-Razaq Appiah, my happiness lies in the success of my people. Because I am humanitarian. If abroad is "something", my illiterate mother, now in Toronto on visit, had all 8 of his children abroad---God is the greatest. I am humanitarian, and more so, Islam teaches me to be ready to die anytime in defense of Justice. By that I will go to paradise. Ask Mandella. Besides, you immortalize yourself . So only the ignorant will take my words for a joke. That is why justice will, and must prevail in Ghana, God willing.

God is the greatest
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