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Lobbying for Posts Starts

2001-01-04 16:34:31

Lobbying for Posts Starts! Ghana's incoming president is in for some tough time from lobbyists for posts. Already scores of them have started haunting Kufuor's close associates for placement "here and there".

The Accra Mail has heard from NPP insiders that people have started pitching in for anything on offer. Some, the insiders say, are doing it with subtlety whilst others are more crude about their requests.

The Accra Mail's own observation so far is that the word "we" has become very much in vogue. Some people who before December 7 and December 28 were treating the NPP and Mr. Kufuor with some degree of disrespect, have jumped onto the success bandwagon talking about how "we" won.

Incoming president Kufuor is being besieged by so many well wishers that, the man may have to spend the first four years of his presidency listening to their sweet words! His vice, Alhaji Aliu Mahama is not spared. His Mataheko residence has become the new Mecca for many pilgrims who can be seen dashing in and out with their myrrh, frankincense and gold, a lot of whom are also elbowing for the numerous public service jobs that the new administration will have to fill.

The lobbyists are eyeing ministerial, ambassadorial and juicy board of director's posts. So far, the incoming president has dropped no names except the hints about an all-inclusive government.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Source: Accra Mail
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