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2001-01-04 15:09:59

If you have read Kuffour's interview with a Finamcial Times journalist, published on this site, you would have noted that underlying the President-elect's caution is a deep fear for the future of his regime. He is, to be frank, a frightened man. He talked of 'securing the state'. This means he wanted to do something to ensure that his regime is not overthrown by elements in the military. Doing something in this direction will be a major slippery step for him to take. He would have to overhaul the higher reaches of the military to achieve his aim. It is not difficult to imagine that the very first move in this direction would trigger a reaction which will send him packing and crossing the Ghanaian border into one of the neighbouring territories. He must be warned. It would be better for him and his regime to live with what they have gone. While we look forward to reading who does and who does not make it into his cabinet, it must be pointed out that here too he is going to take a slippery step down a dangerous slope. He would most likely form a cabinet with no significant Ewes in it for the Ewe boys to look up to. He must be advised to ensure an equitable geographical distribution of cabinet posts. Otherwise, his own feet will give way under him and the slippery slope will claim its victim. I can't guess how much he is going to find in the kitty when he opens the books. But I guess it would be minimal. Here too, he must act cautiously. He must not impose crushing taxation or devalue our lack-value currency. Ghanaians will have none of these. If he should move in any of these directions, he is doomed.
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