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ghanaian attitude

Yaw Takyi
2001-01-04 13:49:28

I think with a change of gov't it is now time for us ghanaians to also change our attitudes and way of thinking form individualism to nationalism if we are to make any headway in the future as a country. No matter how competent a gov't is, if we as a people do not act selflessly, and shift our focus from getting rich quick to helping make our economy strong for all of us, then sorry to say, but we as a nation will never prosper now or in the future. Secondly, I think we should shift our focus from what we will get from our jobs, in terms of benefits to what we can do to provide for the needs or purpose for which the jobs were created . Thirdly, I think the in-coming gov't should discontinue the provision of certain privilages that are an added cost than a benefit to the nation. In the country where I now live, a ministerial appointment goes with your office and your salary, and not a free or highly subsidise houses, cars, free fuel and things like that. A minister is suppose to provide for his/her own transport, housing etc etc, so people don't crave for those positions if they cannot bear the responsibilities that goes with it. In Ghana being appointed to a ministerial position is seen as a means to becoming rich and comfortable than as a means to serving the people of ghana. I think the in-coming gov't should cut all those unnecessary privilages so that those positions will only attract those people who are willing to work for the good of the country and not for those who wants to make themselves rich. In the country I live, who cares how the minister of health gets to work, you have been given a job that comes with a salary,and therefore you are suppose to deliver, if you think you can't buy a car to help you work efficiently, too bad, you have to resign or take the bus to work. This is the kind of things that the gov't should get tough on. In this country one will prefer to be a Chief Executive Officer of a private company than being a minister. Well ! I don't want to write an article but I think this problem needs to be looked at if the gov't is to prevent waste of tax payers money.
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