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Rawlings: What about the 2nd coming of Jesus?

Albert Keelson
2001-01-04 12:55:55

Heresy; Heresy Indeed!!! If it were in some countries where religious fanatics wield power, this man Rawlings would be made to face "the full rigors of the law." Why? Because it is very disturbing that the head of a government in a country where about 60% of the citizens are Christians, and who himself even claims to be a devout Catholic, can say publicly that it is only after the Second Coming of Jesus that opposition parties would be able to defeat his NDC. A heresy! A sacrilege! If it were under the Sharia system, his lips would be slashed off or he would be burned alive. Is he suggesting that Jesus has come the second time or he will come the second time on Sunday, January 7, 2001 (Maybe Rawlings is hiding his own Jesus in his bedroom in the Castle and will outdoor him on that day). Upon all these, Rawlings and Atta Mills were openly supported by "star bishops" like Duncan-Williams and Agyen-Asare. Ghanaians, let's pray together so that God will heal our Land; forgive Rawlings and those so-called men of God. God (Allah) is Great!!!!
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