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Charles Sam, Ghana Hope Inter.
2001-01-04 12:22:32


Before the European brought us his own form of christianty, and the Prophet Mohammed brought Islam, Africans had various belief systems with God as creator, believe systems which, for reasons of cultural arrogance, the Europeans labelled as fetish. The fetish priest or marabout was believed to have the power to cure all diseases, physical and spiritual, and alleviate all kinds of suffering. Many who grew up surrounded by their practices, came to distrust them profoundly. But apart from the fetish, marabout, malam of jujuman using his whip, chanting and concortions, the Priest, Imam and Pastor using the Bible and Qur-an respectively, as their individual tools of trade, there is nothing the fetish,marabout and malam has done with greater charlatanism ; in great essence, all of them are consulted by the needy and the distressed. THEY ALL PROMISE WHAT IS NOT IN THEIR POWER TO DELIVER.

If we have been able to leave behind us the unscientific methods of old, why should we take on modern, more powerful methods of deception whose only result is the totally undeserved power and prestige that these fraudulent Pastors, Imams, Priests and marabouts have come to acquire.

With the possible exception of a few who preach about each Ghanaian puting a stop to sinful living and developing a closer direct personal relationship with God as well as the merit of human effort, the rest are poised to lead us down the garden path of self-destruction. For in their unrelenting sermons of a reliance on the supernatural, there is no place for character, honest dealings intelligence, hard work endurance, effective planning, public-spiritedness and courage ; virtues which if present in us, truly reflect the image of God in which we have been created ; virtues which alone guarantee better life on earth. And God meant life on earth to be happy and desirable, otherwise he would have created heaven alone, and no earth.

The overwhelming influence of these so-called men-of-God is making us all more and more naive, less and less analytical. Dependency on them is such that there is nothing we won?t do for them ; we give to them our money, time, bodies and our every effort. And so in Ghana today, the religious bodies and spiritualists including the fetish, marabouts, malams, Iujumen and cult leaders, is the one business guaranteed to succeed, and those whose elegant lifestyle is assured. Every lazy failure in life, ends up in this cunn and get rich-quick business.

Should we expect these so-called men?of?God to give up this lucrative business of theirs, to begin to preach edifying messages, and risk losing everything ? A man of substance could do that, as a few of them do, and still succeed with people ; but that is possible only with the far?sighted. But since the generality of these so-called men?of-God are mere mountbanks, ready to make the most of what is available here and now, they will continue to sell nothing but the user-friendly product of the supernatural.

Therefore, if change must come, it must not start with a change of heart in the so-called man?of?God, but the strengthening of the mind, attitude and character of the Ghanaian. Without our gullibility, most of these Priests, Pastors, Imams, Marabouts, Spiritists and Jujumen would simply disappear. To be very blunt, if Ghanaians change, there would be only true men-of-God around. If we grow and mature in our personal relationship with God and our faith in him, we would no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching ; we will not be victims of the deceiptful schemings of cunning and crafty men. Furthur more, we would be able to differentiate between TRUE and FALSE men?of?God.There is only one supreme God and in the New Ghana, we must all determine to develop a better direct, personal and close relationship with Him as He expects of us.

One of the greatest miracles in life is the mind that God put into the head of man. The human mind, together with the hands, skills, talents and abilities, has built magnificent buildings and aeroplanes, spliced the atom and worked out the human genome. God has given us all fine minds and hands. If we in Ghana determine to cultivate ours, Ghana?s seemingly unsurmountable problems will be no problem.

Faith has it?s place, but it is no replacement for the proper application of human faculties. This world operates on truths, laws and principles ordained by God himself. Whatever any man attempts to alter would certainly fail. God is the God of process whose nature is not that of quick-fixes and manipulation. Always remember that He is greater than any man. He would not have given us human faculties to use if he wanted to do everything for us !.


Charles SAM Founder Ghana Hope International
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