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Charles Sam, Ghana Hope Inter.
2001-01-04 12:21:27

In the beginning, God made man and gave them authority, and dominion over the fish of the Sea, and over the birds of the air and over the cattle and over all the earth. He also commanded man to develop the earth with the mind, talents, abilities, strengths and hands He has given us.

According to the Holy Bible and the Holy Qur?an, the centrepiece of God?s creation is man; which is why He tasked man with the responsibility of having dominion over the earth. And God made this possible by endowing man with such enormous qualities and capabilities as are not to be found in any other species in all of God?s creation.

Taking dominion of the earth has required a different level of preparedness from one age to another; from those early times when human beings lived completely in nature, solely preoccupied with physical survival, to this age of the 21st Century when man has in his hands the unimaginably powerful technologies. All the advances that the world has seen, from the day of creation to this day, have less to do with prayers than the determination on societies to take dominion over the world in obedience to God?s very first commandment to man.

If development had anything to do with faith, Ghana would have been the most developed region of the world. We believe the most and pray the most, yet, we are the poorest and least developed.

The truth and reality is that, the only way to progress and development, is to learn to do things for ourselves in accordance to God?s own command to us. The absence of that, creates in us a heavy dependence on God, with such petty demands and expectations that actually make God himself seem petty. We have a covenant relationship and partnership with God, and our part of the deal is to obey his first commandement by using all the human faculties he has given us for development. God, the great God and Lord of all mankind is an expert in dealing with what human beings on earth are not capable of dealing with; as such, he should not be disturbed with our part of the partnership which He knows we are perfectly capable of handling on our own.

A fall in the level of a river or lake creates an energy crisis, and a call goes out for national prayers without taking any serious, well-planned precautions to ensure it?s minimum effect on national life and productivity in the case of an eventuality. The possibility of a major earth quake is disccussed in order that we know what to do in preparation and the general response is for all of us to go to God in prayer to stop the earthquake without preparing for any eventuality ; even a workers union has called for prayers and visits to spiritualists to settle a labour dispute without applying our good negotiating and dialogue skills.

In recent times the proliferation of religious bodies and sects in Ghana with their thousands of leaders which include Priests, Imans, Pastors, Bishops and Archbishops have been blamed for the excessive religiousity and spirituality of the Ghanaian. On the contrary, the evil and corrupt activities of religious bodies, spiritual sects and their Priests, Imams, Pastors and marabouts are themselves a creation of the socio-economic inadequacies of our time. A large proportion of the population is uneducated, unskilled, without decent housing and without jobs. Even among those with gainful employment, there are still many who are unable to sustain decent levels of livelihood.

Life in many communities has become a long stretch of daily miseries driving the youth into drugs, alcohol, crime and sex. And although people are convinced of the profound gravity and badness of all they see around them, they find themselves powerless to alter them. In these circumstances, individuals are driven to the quiet conviction that it is possible to be personally perfect in an imperfect world. This creates the breeding ground for the religious and spiritual bodies as well as individuals of quickfixes and manipulation.

The matter of God?s desire for man to take dominion over the world cannot be if interest to the low-spirited in search of a Spiritual quickfix; something more emphatic and melodramatic is required ; something that not only gives meaning to the meaningless turbulance of life in contemporary Ghana, but also offers assurance for inner calm and serenity. For that, the spiritual leaders find potency in the fact that the general believe of Ghanaians is that, the forces of darkness are always working against us and we therefore wrestle not against flesh and blood (human beings), but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Whereas other cultures have conciously or unconsciously allowed their actions to be guided more or less by God?s first command, we in Ghana have chosen consciously or unconsciously to be led more or less by the Spirit of total dependence on prayers and spiritual leaders alone, without using our human faculties to achieve. A failure in business or a school examination, a marriage that doesn?t work, ill health, poverty ; everything in our lives that is undesirable, is caused not by what is ascertainable through cause-and-effect analysis, but by the devil, more specifically, a witch in the family or neighbourhood. Most of us believe the whole atmosphere is charged full with witches and this has created serious suspision. And the only source of succour? The Imam, Priest, Marabout, Malam, Jujuman, Pastor or Cult leader.

It should be easy how come so many people place themselves in the total power of these religious bodies, sects, cults and spiritual leaders. The spiritual leader solves financial problems, cures poverty and unemployment, strengthens marriages and businesses, cures all diseases.Their advertisments usually sound like this : ?ARE YOU UNDER SPIRITUAL ATTACK ??, ?DO YOU HAVE PROBLEMS IN YOUR MARRIAGE ??, ?ECONOMIC PROBLEMS ??, ?DO YOU NEED A VISA ??. ?DEAL WITH ALL YOUR PROBLEMS THROUGH THE SPECIAL POWER OF A MAN CLOSE TO GOD?. ?COME TO (name of venue) AND SOLVE YOUR DIFFICULTIES THROUGH THE POWER OF GOD. In Ghana, these religious and spiritual bodies and their so-called men-of-God including Priests, Marabouts, Pastors, Reverends, Imams, Bishops and Archbishops ? the whole army of ?PIOUS FRAUDS? advertise their wares on radio and television with such agressiveness and consistency. Another means of advertisement for these opportunists is their attributing the success of a wealthy person to the effectiveness of their special power.
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