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2001-01-04 09:31:32

Ghanaians all over the globe had been taken aback by what is happening in Ghana.President Rawlings and his group have really shown a very high level of maturity.News on trasitional provisions and numerous meetings is commendable.Well,the President may have his own agenda but to a great extent he's trully a statesman. Our President-elect has given his word that he his not in for witch-hunting but for the development of the economy.Ghanaian are listening and watching!!.Let the bye-gone be bye gones-we cannot cannot all those who were affected by the excesses of the AFRC and PNDC.

Mr President-elect! There are however a great of untaped resources outside the country which need to be harnessed. A lot of Ghanaians in Europe,US and Japan are yearning to come back home to help build Ghana. Do not hesitate to contact the Embassies for the data of qualified Ghanaians who wanted to come home.Remember that our Victory is not a victory for NPP but for democracy and Ghana as a whole.
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