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2001-01-04 08:21:42

Commander Baffuor Asassie-Gyimah is needs no introduction in America. When the PNDC felt itself under siege and the paranoia set. Everybody who was privy to state secret and even those who were not became instant suspects, and he took charge of interrogations: BNI-style. The upshot of this is that scores of people who had the misfortune of being his guests at the BNI torture dungeons smelled pepper. It was a no-holds-barred torture sessions all the time. Somehow, a Ghanaian diplomat who happened to be a Northerner at the Ghana Mission caught the interest of the BNI. So that Nanfuri (remember him?) wouldn't develop any We're-all-Northeners sentimentality Kojo Tsikata gave this diplomat to Asassie-Gyimah. What followed after the man had been lured to Ghana was gruesome! His genitals were tortured to the point where the poor guy couldn't function. After realising that they had the wrong guy he was let go. The Guy quietly went back to the States thinking that the house he was living in would be given to him as a compensation for his troubles until the PNDC served him an eviction notice. That's when he cried foul. A raging court battle ensued with Assassie-Gyimah subpoenaed as a witness in the States. The only such Ghanaian in the US legal history. The torture case was brilliantly reduced to a matter of sour grapes and the diplomat lost it. However, not until the gory torture details and evidence came out. He's a dangerous manaic. Watch him Kuffuor!
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