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Charles Sam, Ghana Hope Inter.
2001-01-04 07:34:13

I wish to thank all of you for both your compliments and your blastings. Democracy calls for an open mind and a tough hide. No man knows it all and this is why the necessity for a culture of learning and teaching is very crucial. I have personally learnt a lot from this forum and that of Ghana Cyber Group's as well. I have supreme respect for all of you (PRO or ANTI) because you all love our motherland Ghana.Your passion and comittment is very impressive.Your humour has been very relaxing during moments of extreme tension. Abdul Razak Appiah, thank you for leading the crusade to quash my motion. I have learnt a lot and understand your drift. On this forum, we are like a team in government. The most important principles should be TOLERANCE and UNDERSTANDING. Kobby Acheampong and R. Aboagye, I also thank you for lambasting me on several occasions. You truly stood for what you believed in and I respect you for that.Let us all remember that we are one family and now that we have embarked on a new vision to build a New Ghana, let's all work as a team and develop even personal relationships for the common good of our land. Once again countrymen and women, I LOVE YOU ALL.

God Bless You All Charles Sam Ghana Hope International
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Abdul-Razaq Appiah
01-04 07:54
Charles Sam, Ghana Hope Inter.
01-04 12:04