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2001-01-04 06:55:27

Mike Agbotui Soussoudis. If the middle name rings a bell, you guessed right. He's however not your run-of-the-mill garden variety Ghanaian. Son of both a Greek father and the sister of Rawlings' mom, Soussoudis is by all appearance a debonair gentleman whom you'd have no problem dating your sister. In the heady days of the "revolution" Soussoudis was masquerading as a successful businessman. He was also moonlighting as an intelligence agent of the dreaded BNI. When Kojo Tsikata saw that the PNDC dictatorship was under assault from sources both covert and overt he sicced Mike on a hapless lonely chunky CIA operative at the Accra Station. Pretty soon the American agent was singing the names of Ghanaian CIA spies in the ears of Soussoudis in bed. The US gov't got wise to the lady before long and recalled her. She was nabbed on her arrival and debriefed. The CIA then launched a sting operation and caught him as he got out of the plane to visit his girlfriend. The BNI in turn arrested all those alleged Ghanaian CIA agents. In the end the PNDC agreed to swap these 6 Ghanaians for Soussoudis! Soussoudis arrived home to a hero's welcome. He was ensconced at the Peduase Lodge, the official presidential retreat. He was made the head of one of the backup ancillary NDC parties called EGLE Party. He was in the news again: this time for illegal possession of a cache of weapons. Kuffuor better keep the tabs of such people. If they as much as spit within 5 miles radius of a military installation, haul them in.
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