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2001-01-04 01:19:16

With the closure of the final chapter in Jerry Rawlings' 20-year dictatorial misrule, it is imperative that we all examine the circumstances that nurtured such a scourge and the policies with which he tenaciously held on to power for so long. One of the vexatious colonial legacies has been the over-concentration of power in Accra. Like all dictators, Rawlings jealously maintained this system and perfected it to the hilt. From the acquisition of passports, social security claims, scholarships, to employment in state-run organisations, etc. are the preserve of a few over-pompous bureaucrats in Accra. This explains why the spate of cronysm, graft and all forms of corruption remain the rule than the exception in Ghana. In the early months of the PNDC when the President-elect headed the Local Gov't Ministry he initiated a decentralization policy. After his resignation this policy wound up being turned on its head. It metamorphosed into a watered-down and ineffectual sop to the localities and was used as one of the tools for the carrot-and-stick politiricks of Rawlings. The paper trail of clearing one car from the port and the numerous trips to their offices alone would make one wonder the sanity of the people who preside over such regulations until you're confronted with the demands for bribes. Let's bring the gov't nearer home. Let's decentralize it so that the gov't becomes more real and not an abstract connotation or a system which only becomes real at tax payment time.
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