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Can't find any better to contribution,Prof Pete?

2001-01-04 01:03:03

Afehyiapa to you all! Well I have always thought that fora of this nature could be better used to discuss developmental issues of the moment,and if there should be any deviation, then it could be by way of jokes to lighten the heart.That's my personal opinion, though, which can't of necessity be a norm.I confess I've not written enough myself,and hear goes my commendation for those who have kept it alive till now. Prof Pete's historical fallacies however cannot be left uncorrected, and since it appears he has chosen to pick up president Kuffuor on a wrong footing, I want to reply. FIRST: The NPP is not the same as either the PP or the CPP (which he cites in the first article).That's a fallacy of wrong labelling. SECONDLY:The issues are entirely different here.The HISTORICAL CONTEXT is different.I'm surprised that he's called 'prof' and yet doesn't know that to make sound inferences or conclusions from historical events, one must go into the historical context,phenomenologically,and take the context into acount before making comparisons with another period. How on earth can you compare Busia's Aliens Compliance Order with Kuffuor's assertion that the state must be secured, knowing very well that a disgruntled political despot and demagogue is soon to prowl on the street? THIRDLY: The era where CPP and UP traditions were bitter opponents is history.Now, even though they are not the same party, they are all on the same battlefront against a dictatorial usurper, JJ Rawlings and his NDC. To cunningly recall those negative pasts at this moment when we have to unite and rebuild the country is not only WRONG(since that antagonism doesn't exist in the way you want us to believe),but DANGEROUSLY VICIOUS. You want to pull the two traditions against each other again so that your JJ can capitalise on the confusion. It is the same old divisive politics we have seen these two decades:DIVIDE AND RULE. FOURTHLY:Since Kuffuor and the NPP are oppositions not of CPP or PP but (P)NDC, you should have drawn your historical figures from the (P)NDC reign to make a perfect comparison.In case you have forgotten, let me give you just a few: *1979 : Jerry Rawlings preside over the execution of eight army generals, including 3 former heads of state. Consequently,Ghana is now a country without a single former head of state(after Hilla Limann died naturally) *1981: Jerry Rawlings overthrows a constitutionally elected government of the PNP led by Dr. Hilla Limann. * 1982 UNDER Jerry's reign of terror, three Justices are abducted and killed in cold blood for refusing to sell their conscience and for speaking the truth *1982-1997 :A long reign of terror is unleashed on Ghanaians in which cultures of silence were imposed. *1990-91 Brave men like Prof. Adu Boahen break the dreaded culture of silence. They are pestered, but God rescues them. *A bearded Roman Catholic Rev brother of Mataheko in Accra is killed by the govt and thrown on the shore because he was mistaken fo father(now Bishop)Buckle who was a vociferous critic of the government. *Journalists KWESI Pratt and others are imprisoned and tortured by BNI for outspeaking against his Jerryship *Hundreds of citizens taken to prison and marched out into their execution without the press or public knowing anytrhing about. *Fierce attacks are made against successful indigenous businessmen like JA Addison and Appiah-Menkah, and many others having their properties confiscated because they did not support his Jerryship's government. *Shall I say more? The list is endless. What about raping our economy and fattening themselves on the booty? Is this what you would consider as "securing the state"? *In all the examples you gave I presume you didn't find any bloodshed, or did you? But here there ee plenty. It is a history I particularly didn't want to write about, at least, not at this time, but you have pushed me to.You know it is said that when a lie is repeated often enough, it sounds like the truth, that's why I deemed it necessary to stop you on the hate line you are moving at a time when we should all put our heads together and rally behind our elected president. So if I may explain a little,when president Kuffuor talks about securing the state, all that he means is assuming the full reigns of power, ensuring that none of the security forces causes any mischief this third time around, so that our democracy thrives.Kutu did the first one, Rawlings did the second, should there be a third setback of our country's development? Beyond that, securing the state also includes reconciliation and national healing of a nation that has been so much divided by foul politicking-tactics of divide and rule.It means ensuring peace and stability.My last word- Our elders say;"AKOKORA BOFOO NA OTENA FIE MA ASADUA FO; AKOKORA BOFOO SO EYE MMUSUO"-to wit, the wicked oldman sits home watching while rain wets the dried cowpeas-and that is a vice. MAY GOD HELP US TO TRULY DEVELOP IN FREEDOM!
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