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2001-01-04 00:51:08

This is very important. However, I stll do not trust Rawlings. He did the same thing to Hilla Limann and we all know what happened. I can wait for the day when a trully civilian government can hand over power peacefully to another civilian personality. I still consider Rawlings a soldier. Hence, Ghana's democratic maturity test will come when a civilian like Kuffour can last the four or eight year term and hand over to another administration without military interference.

I know we are all happy with what is going on, but this has happened before. Ankrah handed over to Busia. The military came. Rawlings handed over to Limann, but Rawlings returned.

Folks it is not a coincidence that most of the under developed nations of the world share similar characteristics. Poverty, dictatorship, illiteracy, bad leadership, military coup d'etats. And so on and on.....

If these were good traits, the european nations will be following. Why don't we learn from the develop nations and model our nations accordingly. The sure do not have coup d'etats in America, England, Sweden and Japan. U wonder why many Ghanaians are running to thse nations?

There is no trick. We must mature and avoid shooting ourselves in the foot.

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Rawlings Meets Kufuor

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Panafrican News Agency

January 3, 2001


Ghana's out-going President Jerry John Rawlings Wednesday met President-elect John Kufuor at the Castle, Osu, the second time the two men have consulted in the past 48 hours, to discuss the transition programme.

They met Monday at an undisclosed location and discussed matters pertaining to the hand-over of power Sunday.

Kufuor won a presidential run-off last week, defeating John Atta Mills of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

At Wednesday's meeting, Rawlings and Kufuor cracked jokes and recalled some of their pronouncements on political platforms, drawing laughter from their staff.

With President Rawlings, were Mills and 10 Ministers in the out-going government.

Kufuor came with the Vice-President-elect Alhaji Aliu Mahama and seven top officials of his victorious New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Rawlings, again congratulated Kufuor on his victory, wished him well, saying: "it is our duty to support, co-operate but criticise constructively."

He said during electioneering, a lot of things were said, promises made, but expressed the hope that Ghanaians would show understanding.

"The in-coming government will not be able solve socio- economic problems overnight," Rawlings said, adding: "We owe it to our country to support you. If we have to criticise, we will do it constructively and genuinely."

He said the out-going government would not do anything to destabilise Kufuor's government.

"If you hear that we want to destabilise the country, do not hesitate to ask us," declared Rawlings, who hands over to Kufuor Sunday.

"We know where we came from, the difficulties. We will not do anything to destabilise the country. We will never cause you sleepless nights. If anyone will cause you sleepless nights, it will be your own people," the out-going Ghanaian leader said.

Kufuor in turn pledged that his administration would treat Rawlings with respect.

"He (Rawlings) will be the only living former Head of State of Ghana. There will be no witch-hunting.

"Today is our turn and tomorrow will be somebody's turn. In Africa we do not treat our political opponents well. What is happening now should be the beginning. Politicians should not be enemies," Kufuor added.

He said on political platforms, politicians are sometimes overwhelmed by the occasion, that they feel larger than life and say things they should not have said.

Kufuor also spoke about Rawlings's 19 years in power, saying that within those years, many things happened but "you passed the test."

"Thanks for your message of goodwill. I am impressed. As I sit by you I can feel a spiritual change of baton between us," the President-elected enthused.


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