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2001-01-01 21:58:27

Rawlings to go free, oh no; this guy is a liar, a thief and a murderer. He killed more people than Kwame Nkrumah and ghanians are saying we should let him off the hook. What would have happened if the Nazis were not haunted down and trialed? Then everybody can stand up and kill innocent people in Ghana. We are a nation of laws and this stupid tyrant disrespected the laws of the land staging his stupid coups and killing people unjustifiably.He is a coward and he says he is not afraid to die. He is a joker. If Boakye Djan has not released him from jail he would have been dealt with and he Boakye Djan should be tailed too. Rawlings to go free HELL NO! He will go down w/ his wife and his family just like what he has done to other peoples families. Rawlings came to power not for the good of Ghana but to (Enrich himself. Now he feels big in his cheeks. years ago he could not even pay for Yoko GARI)
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