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Abdul Razak VRS. Sir Amkos.

Prof. Pete
2001-01-01 19:40:09

Author: Abdul-Razaq Appiah ( Date: 01-01-2001 05:54

"The NPP will break up as President Kuffour will go soft on President Rawlings and seek his advice, and..."

........................You remind me of the disgruntled Professor. Kuffuor will go soft on thief Rawlings? Unless he does not learn from Liman experience. The Hon has the right to commit a suicide.

God is the greatest

Author: Sir Amkos ( Date: 01-01-2001 08:09

increment in gasoline prices is a must and new Ghana will understand that. It is an issue the Rawlings administration avoided to chalk political success (but back fired)

Going soft on Rawlings would not split the NPP, as you claim, because the guys around him know what he stands for, hence their support.

A govt of national unity and progress NPP stands for. A new era has dawn so Pete if you can't beat them with your evil 31 Dec ideas, I entice to join them.

Anigye nkoaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
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