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Kofi Boateng
2001-01-01 10:26:51

Happy new year, fellow forumers. It has been a long time but I've been with you in spirit.

Behold the dawn of a new beginning!! Now is the time to join hands in unity and together light the black star of hope, in our quest for national prosperity!!

Let the unnecesary bickering on this forum give way to brainstorming, since the myriad of problems the nation faces are not only gargantuan but almost insurmountable.

No one person can lay claim to being a bastion of knowledge or wisdom, so let us be tolerant of opposing views. Our collective knowledge if harnessed can be used as the building blocks of the tower of near-perfect astuteness!!

Gird your loins, fellow forumers, for uneasy lies the task ahead. The road that we tread is not only full of sharp thorns but very stony. Just a stumble, could result in an apocalyptic fall !!

I however see the black star of hope in the horizon. I see patriots emerging from the shadows, holding the candles of hope. The faces of the flag-wavers are lighting up as more patriots respond to the calls to help relight the black star of hope.

Ghana shall endure as we have always endured!! We would march on to victory!! We shall not flag or fail !!! One nation, One People, One Manifest Destiny !!!

Happy new year.

Factoid: The antonym for "patriot" is "turncoat." Let no one be a turncoat at this time !!
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