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TO: Kobby, Romanus & Co.

Dr. Nathan Phillips
2001-01-01 02:28:48

I've been told that in the days gone by, priests (fetish that is) whose prediction did not come true had their heads chopped off. One would be quick to condemn that action as barbaric and/or primitive. Nevertheless, I've come to believe that such measures (if true) might have spared our ancestors from false 'prophets' and the 'Chicken Littles' of those days.

In 1999 through to 2000, a day never went by without Kobby Acheampong, Romanus Aboagye & Co. predicting (without reservation) that NDC and for that matter Prof. Mills was going to win Ghana's election hands down. Well folks, history has not been kind to these NDC fortune-tellers.

At one point Kobby's over-zealousness got the better of him when he wagered on his wife's (or was it girl-friend?) 'akataso.' Well, we all know what the poor woman would be doing to Kobby if someone had called his bluff. Forget about what might have happened to him in the 'good' old days.

Where is Kobby now? What is he saying? I know about Romanus. The last time I checked, he was yapping something about the Presidential Jet. WHAT A PITY!
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