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How to Buy the Perfect Jeans

2003-10-01 17:17:31

Just try them on to see if they fit,be you a flat ass, inflated ass or a back time maloose.

Jeans: Just right Fashion may be fickle but jeans will never let you down. Learn how to hunt down the perfect pair. by Janine Falcon

Jeans are a standby. Dressed up with a sexy pair of high-heeled boots or paired with a favourite tee and running shoes, they?re a fashion requirement. But unearthing the perfect pair can be tedious. Anna Greco-Taylor, a Calgary-based marketing manager for Mark?s Work Wearhouse, offers these clues to finding your perfect fit.

1. Identify your body type. Your figure influences the style of jeans you wear. For example, a woman with an average figure might choose classic-cut jeans; someone with a fuller figure might select a boot-cut style to balance her proportions; a petite woman would choose a petite cut, perhaps in a straight-leg style for an elongated line.

2. Frustrated with jeans that gape at the back? Try a low-rise pair ? you might be surprised at how well they solve the problem.

3. Avoid a saggy seat. Regardless of your body type, jeans that gently hug your hips are always more attractive. Stretch denim eliminates a saggy seat and provides extra comfort and ease of movement.

4. Unless the style is cropped, the hem of your jeans should stop at around the midpoint of the back of your shoes. The pant legs should not bunch up at the ankle.

5. Grab a variety of styles and try them on, try them on, try them on. Don?t be afraid to give a new style a whirl. Regardless of what the sign or label says, it?s how the jeans fit that will make them yours.

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