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NovemberHunt: Free season on Naana and Asase !!!!!

Old Dirty Bastard
2003-10-01 08:07:04

The following is adapted (more like copied) from an original idea by Osagyefo baj ? 2003. Long Live Osagyefo baj. But leave Ma Anderson alone !!!!!


Give me my hounds!

Give me my horses!

Give me my guns!

Give me my horn!

Hounds! Horses! Guns! Horn!... ~Nii Gbemi~ (SAW) invites you to the hunt.

November 1st, at the crack o' dawn.

It's Ghanaweb's first ever NovemberHunt... open season on PhD-faking WHORE, Naana ... one full month of relentless pursuit of that shallow-minded fugitive who has never set foot in a USA uni, yet possess two tertiary qualifications from US institutions.

~Nii Gbemi~ (SAW) and Da Knew KlanZ will be on the prowl again... we're sharpening our teeth even now... nothing as exciting and thrilling as the joys of the hunt... especially the hunt for a WHORE in heat.

The venue: The woods of SIL, in Ghanaweb county.

The dates: November 1st to 30th, 2003.

I can see it now... PhD-faking Naana... dodging, hiding, cringing, an AFRAID woman... as always... hiding from ~Gbemi~, clutching her benefactor?s tupee as if her life depended on it. But she will find no hiding place in SIL Woods during NovemberHunt. All around will be the pounding hooves of the horses, and the deadly arrows of ~Gbemi~?s archers, and the foaming mouths of the pursuing hounds.

Another vision... the tupee of her benefactor ... captured in the chase when the bastard decided to abandon his charge and flee in the opposite direction, same way he fled the makpor-dependant existence of Kaneshie. Every strand of the ghastly stuff torn to shreds by ~Gbemi~?s pack of wolves (what happened to the hounds???).

And yet another vision... the incoherent rambling of her ENFORCER, the COCKSUCKER ZEO, rambling to legitimise the WHORE... up until the very last moment when she is seized by the mighty jaws of ~Gbemi~ and mortally silenced with a broken back. Her yellow suit then mounted on a spear... a trophy for the hunters.

NovemberHunt... a month of relentless pursuit. Ahh... the passion of the hunt!... the thrill of the chase!... blood will boil!... Tally Ho!!!

NovemberHunt... all are invited!



~Nii Gbemi~ (SAW) naana onye (SAW) mi !!

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