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Finally, we are free to get information

Kwaku Azar
2003-10-01 06:10:29

After over 40 years of independence, the bulk of which we were governed by dictators who concealed information, we now have been given that basic right that makes economies grow and people free.

This basic right, whose denial, has been manifested by various actions, including the PDA of Nkrumah, the rumuor mongering decree of Kutu and the Overnight Disappearance and Tiafi Bombing (ODTB) decree of Chairman JJR.

And it took the party of democrats to give us this basic right, which is enshrined in the constitution and which is also inalienable. The last time we had something as enduring was when we got sewage in 1971.

Long live Information. Long live Sewage. Long live Democracy. (ISD)!!

Da Yie!

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Prof. Nana Kofi Osei Tutu
10-01 06:53