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2003-09-01 01:12:44

Memo to NDC leadership.(Not for the attention of blood thirsty NPP folks)

Let PROF. MILLS the leader and Flag Bearer of the Party lead the march and if JJR the Founder wants to march alongside, allow him so to do but OBED the Chairman and Josiah-Aryeh , the General Secretary MUST stay behind in the War Room or in a Safe Environment. It has reached a stage where NPP can't be or shouldn't be trusted to play fair!

NPP/Ghana Police duplicity and abysmal record make it imperative to advise NDC not to play foolhardiness by unnecessary showmanship of parading all its leadership in Kumasi as was done in Accra in the March for Survival. Prior to the Accra Survival March, NPP had taken NDC for granted because of the 6 victories they recorded in the bye-elections and never believed NDC was capable of pulling that huge crowd. The stakes are now higher, hence the NPP/Police obstacles.

It is absolutely unnecessary for the Leader and Flag Bearer, the Chairman and the Founder together with the General Secretary and all Executives to march on Tuesday, September 2 in the Kafo Dididi March.

Any combination of one or two of the leading figures directly marching will be enough. NDC is going to war and as in all wars, some of the Generals stay behind in the War Room and Safe Environment for good reason. Let one or two of them travel abroad, for good measure!

NPP's grandfathers threw bombs at children and Kwame Nkrumah. Todays NPP members are throwing bombs at each other in Ho. What won't or can't NPP do in Kumasi?

It is better to be called paranoid and be safe than be called macho and be sorry for leaving flanks open and not being on the alert.

Less than 40 hours to go!

2004 is looming large for NPP!

In a war mood.

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