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2003-09-01 00:53:21

Not- so fast 'don-cow' ? What's up ? Why do you have to consistently, and shamelessly flagellate yourself with such unspeakable degree of stupidity ,and arrogance, bordering on insanity. This unleashing of stupidy , which a donkey like you ,might have cluelessly ,designated as some form of offensive mechanism to silence Denise will not work. I don't blame you ,however, since that is the best a demented donkey like you can provide.

I did not have time to rake through the donkey-dung you , sadly defecated to soil this site on this holy sunday, I will ,however, make some few comments ,hoping I will succeed somehow to thaw frozen pea brains. Take these comments seriously, and allow them to guide you in all your fututre encounters with me.

From I distance, I can conclude that you are someone suffering from lack of recognition from what ever miserable field you are in. You really need a psychologist to assist you to redress your self-esteem issues.What did you suppose to achieve about all the braggings of your physical structure, face contours, academic laurels, riches and all that. You seriously need help. I may not be educated to your level , but what thing I am competently able to do is to discern a donkey when I come across one, and you are one heck of a donkey.

Did you say I cannot in any way fit into your class? 'Tete ate te ara' I know one thing you are neither JESUS, MOHAMMED, BUDDHA or one of the great prophets I humbly revere , so what class , are you talking about. I am experiencing excruciating pains as I try to respond to a pathethic donkey like you. You are not worth the dirt of even my door-mat, so stop hallucinations and grandstanding. You did not impress me at all ,so you may have to come again with another donkey big bang. Another thing , I could care less about your alliance or friendship with Kofi Who? Wayo. How old are you ? You sound too infantile !

Tell me some of the technical stuff you had discussed here, braggart. All you have done since popping your ugly self here is to prolifiliate lies ,threats and to advertise your scholarship. You have pick the wrong woman to tango with. I am restrained by mature comments from Mr. Frederick Mancka, to spare you somehow this time around. You ain't see nothing yet, donkey !
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