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2003-08-01 12:54:47

Two Robbers Escape Again

Two suspected armed robbers escaped from a police vehicle while being escorted from the Accra Regional Police headquarters to the Ministries Police Station on Wednesday evening. Identified as Robert Quarshie and Kofi Owusu, they were said to have been involved in a series of robberies at Pobiman in the Greater Accra region about three weeks ago.

A source at the Accra Regional Police Headquarters told the ?Times? that the incident took place at about 6.15pm near the Accra Polytechnic. The source said the suspects who were being kept at the Ministries Police Station were taken to the Accra Regional Command earlier that day for interrogation.

On their way back to the Ministries Police Cells, they jumped from the police van when there was a slight traffic hold-up near the Accra Polytechnic.

The police source could not tell whether the suspects were in handcuffs or not. It said that there was only one escort who sat in front of the vehicle with the driver, leaving the two suspects alone at the back seat.

The incident was the main issue on the lips of the Accra Regional Police Command staff as they tried to work out plans to re-arrest the fugitives.

The incident comes 34 days after John Malm who was serving a prison term for armed robbery escaped from the Nsawam prisons. He was later arrested in Lome, Togo on July 6.

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