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GFA Boss Will Cause Prez Kufuor's DOWNFALL!!!

Bob Marley
2003-08-01 10:38:33

FACT: Ghanaians LOVE SOCCER ......and anybody who takes that love away must be executed!!!

The Ghana Football Association chairman, Mr. Ben Koufie has proved to be incompetent.

- He let a Yugoslavian run with Ghana's $45,000 - Isha Allah!

- He oversaw the downfall of the blackstars, U-17 and U-20 teams

- and now I read the German coach he appointed, is also planning to escape with $15,000

Unlike the economy/social/health etc, soccer is result-oriented and even die-hard NPP folks (like HKP & co) cannot dispute the fact that Ghana's Soccer has been in freefall since President Kufuor took over.

My question: why is Ben Koufie still at his post? Is it because he's the Presidents relative?

Mr. J. A Kufuor, tis is real football not Kokofu Football

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