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What Ghana Needs Is Value Added Education

Akwasi Appiah Agyei
2003-08-01 09:33:42

In the face of abject poverty manifesting in the country should Ghana government continues to pay for courses that do not bring value added to our economic and educational developments? While, this might sounds as being hash if not callous, allow me to explain myself.

What?s a value added degree?

A value added degree though subjective in nature but it boils down to the urgent needs of the country in question be it science or liberal arts based needs.

While, a nation like Russia could use people with degrees in political science and other social science disciplines to help them entrenched their newly found democratic dispensation. Ghana, on the other hand, does not need these degrees for our priority is not to entrench democracy rather, ability to design, construct and manufacture, things that will accelerate our economic growth.

That said, shouldn?t the government spend more at home and abroad on those pursuing degrees such as Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Engineering and Sciences etc? rather than spend on liberal arts degrees which do not add one iota of value or advantage to our nation pressing economic needs?

By the way, I strongly believe that the liberal arts degrees as it?s being offered in the western countries are alien to our traditional and cultural belief. While it does not add any value to our traditional belief, it takes away or even pollutes the sanctity of our cherished traditional and cultural belief therefore, we must get rid of these pollutants and only spend our limited national resources on what will help us improve our social and economic conditions.

Wo nso kabi.

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