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2003-08-01 04:31:51

We do hear a lot these days about what the NDC, if they regain power ,come January,2005. In the view of this disgraceful party (NDC), the symbol of all the evils that had plagued our dear country for the past twenty years, the NPP does not deserve a second chance,since the government has failed to fulfil all her election promises.

Yes, we are all aware that many of the promises had not been fulfilled. I ,however, strongly believe that most Ghanaians guided by the principles of objectivity won't hesitate to get lost in this debate over the government's performance. Come to think about it ,we have people like Rawlings, the yester-year pauper, who looted from our coffers to liberate himself from abject poverty, and the poodle in Ghanaian politics Atta Mills, spearheading this preposterous nonsense about the governments non-performance.

What was Atta Mills doing as head of the government economic team ,when an Atlanta lady spread herself for the gratification of his master-Rawlings, to be paid 20 million dollars of our meagre foreign exchange ? Has Atta Mills thought for a minute the kinds of good things this money could have provided for the struggling people of Ghana? How are promises of this government fulfilled when his government spent our money like drunken sailors?

As for Rawlings ,the least said about him the better. This fool, however, ought to understand that the vast majority of good thinking Ghanaians know who he really is by now. He is nothing but a crook, a murderer, manipulator, and intimidator,who for some reason ,think our dear country is the property of his family. This fool who could not even manage a small family prior to stealing power,has the audacity to castigate this government of corruption.

What happened to this bastard trojan slogans of probity,and accountablity when he had consistently ,and annoyingly refused to disclose the source of funding for his childrens education, and the extravagant purchasing of 4SUVS ?

Looking at the economic ,and social mess the NPP found herself upon assumption of office from the NDC, it is only the hypnotised slaves of RAWLINGS idiocrisy who will not appreciate the modest gains so far made by this government.

The NDC , needs to shut up for the duly elected government of our great nation pursue the policies needed to lift us up from the twenty years of Rawlings debilitating, and unpardonable rule.
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