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NPP MPs mourn with Dramani- Sakande at Nsawam Pen

Kofi Ameko
2012-08-01 10:47:20

“My biggest problem was how to ensure peace in Bawku after my incarceration but I have been assured by my people that they would not do anything to disturb the peace in Bawku. “I have always been a man of peace and I don’t want any blood to be shed in my name,” Daramani-Sakande

As we mourn, words of wisdom above.Peace in Bawku. Peace before, during and after the elections.

" Minority New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliaments yesterday visited their jailed colleague, Bawku Central MP Adamu Daramani-Sankande at the Nsawam Medium Security Prisons to give him words of encouragement.

He was convicted and sentenced to two years’ imprisonment each for three counts of perjury, deceit of a public officer and false declaration of office on Friday, July 27, 2012 in a case relating to his alleged dual citizenship...

Going Biblical, Mr. Ayeh said, “If Lucifer knew that the death of Christ will save mankind, he would not have pushed Judas to betray Christ”.


As we mourn, we must "mourn" with all. When will they visit Eric Amoateng, Former Nkoranza North MP in US jail? When will they visit Raymond Amankwah in Brazilian jail? When will they visit Nyaho Tamakloe's son in US jail?-- All imprisoned because of drugs!

May their families have the strength to endure this isolation and separation brought upon them.

[This is an authentic posting from Kofi Ameko (Registered User)]
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